Wednesday, June 13, 2012

End of Year Party

On Tuesday, June 12, Team Kit Kat celebrated a great first year at Bear Creek. In the morning the students rotation between four subject based stations. We had a Stack the States tournament and played the games our classmates made for their USA Regions projects in Social Studies. We played Bingo with vocabulary words in the Science station, and we got to do the awesome First in Math website for the math stations. Finally we got to do a variety of poetry projects in the Comm Arts station. Some kids drew really funny pictures for their idioms!

We had a picnic lunch, but unfortunately our picnic had to be inside because of the rain. It was still fun because we got to eat in whichever room we wanted to with our friends! Then we had indoor recess with them.

The last part of the day was super fun. We split into 13 different groups and played Minute to Win It stations! These stations were so funny! For some of them you had to be really, really patient, like when you were trying to stack the chapsticks or pick up the noodles with the spaghetti in your mouth! Others required you to have good aim, like the ones where you had to hike the toilet paper through the inner tube, bounce the marble into a small bowl, or shoot the paper football through the uprights. It was so much fun! You can check out pictures from our great afternoon below. Thank you to all the parents who came in to help out and make our lunch and party a great success!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Midwest - AM

We hope you enjoy seeing the book we made about the Midwest Region.

The Southwest - AM

We made a slideshow to tell you important information about our region.

We also made a game that you can play. You have to get to the finish line and have the most money to win the game. The playing pieces are the states in our region.

Friday, June 8, 2012

The Southeast - PM

Learning everything you've always wanted to know about the Southeast Region of the United States by watching our video!

The Northeast - PM

Learn some amazing facts about the Northeast Region of the United States by checking out this informative video!

And check out this slideshow to learn some more interesting information!

The West - PM

Please check out our slideshow to learn about the West Region. Slide transitions are set to 30 seconds so that our movies have enough time to play.

The Southwest - PM

Learn about the Southwest Region of the United States by watching our slideshow.

The West Region - AM

The West Region News proudly presents information about the West Region of the United States.

We also made a poster to tell you more about the West Region:

The Northeast Region

You can learn some interesting information about the Northeast Region by viewing this slideshow:

This poster also tells you some additional informations about the region.