Sunday, December 18, 2016

Wetlands Projects

Over the course of the last month, we have been learning about the importance of wetlands to people, animals, and the environment. The kids were presented with a situation: should we protect the wetlands at Bear Creek, or should we build playgrounds where the wetlands currently stand. To help the kids make an informed choice, we also researched the benefits of exercise on kids' brains and bodies.

Once we learned about wetlands and the benefits of exercise, the kids chose a claim. Would they protect the wetlands or would the choose to build a playground? The students overwhelmingly chose to protect the wetlands, but we did have some people choose to build the playgrounds. Once they decided upon their claim, they had to figure out how they would get their message across to our audience. Students chose letters, blog posts / articles, books, podcasts, movies, SmartAmp presentations, and posters. They have been working hard to polish these presentations so that they will convince you to agree with their claim.

Now it's your turn to choose! You can follow the links to our kidblog sites or check out the updates to this post, to gather your information. Then we'd like you to vote. Will you choose to protect the wetlands, or will you choose to build more playgrounds? The choice is yours!

Here are the links to follow:
You can listen to some podcasts right here!

Check out Gabe's podcast in support of building playgrounds:

Listen to Haley support the wetlands:

Brooke supports saving the wetlands:

Gabe S. threw his support behind the wetlands:

Nick believes we should save the wetlands:

Sarah thinks we should save the wetlands, too:

You can also watch this very entertaining movie by Toren!

And here is an informative and entertaining video by Olivia!

Check back often because more projects will be added throughout the week. Once you feel as though you have the information you need, please cast your vote: