This page includes the links for websites we are using for different projects, and important websites for our school. The students know they are to explore the page that is linked here and to ask permission before visiting pages linked from the original page. We hope that you'll visit these pages at hope and also explore others on your own to add to this great bunch of resources.

Online Homework Options - your child's log ins are located in their agenda
Study Island
Front Row
First in Math

Parent Connections
Place your online book orders at the Scholastic Book Club site.
Visit the Bear Creek PTO's website.
Check out Read Kiddo, Read to find some great book suggestions for you and your child.

Math Connections
Matific - pick a grade level and pick a game to practice different math skills
Moby Max
Stop the Clock - practice digital time to the five minutes - beat the clock!
Counting Money
First in Math - your child has a user name and password in their agenda to access this site
Addition Fact Games
Subtraction Fact Games
Multiplication Games - links to practice your multiplication facts
Cool Math Games
ABCYa - scroll down to find different math games about different topics
MathLive - videos and games for different math skills
MathRun - practice your math facts
Activities for all math skills
Algebra & Patterns

Science Connections
Create some food chains!
Check out these photosynthesis games and activities to learn more about photosynthesis:
Big Farm
Magic School Bus Frizz TV
Kids Learn Photosynthesis
Science Games for Kids - find a game for any science topic
PBS Kids - games for any science topic
Forces and Motions Games
Visit the Wetlands
What is Energy? - learn all about the different forms of energy
Tree House Weather Station - learn about clouds by doing a lot of exciting activities
Photosynthesis - a Scholastic Study Jam movie, kareoke and quiz
The Water Cycle - a Scholastic Study Jam movie
The Water Cycle - a brief summary of the water cycle
Science Experiments from Science Bob
Catch the Science Bug and use your brain to solve science problems
Learn how to conserve energy by visiting Energyville!

Reading Connections
Read The Ice Cream Mystery to practice story structure and play the game. This will start automatically!
Play a fun Battleship game to practice making inferences.
Play a fun Battleship game to practice categorizing.
Learn more about author's viewpoint.
Visit the Magic Treehouse Site
ABCya - a ton of different communication arts games

Mythology Connections
Norse Myths from StoryNory - these are myths that we listened to during clinics
Greek Myths from StoryNory- these are the myths that we listened to during clinic time
Greek Mythology - this website has stories, activities and information on the different gods and goddesses
Roman Mythology - this website has stories, activities and information on the different Roman gods and goddesses

Writing Connections
Fruit and Veggie Research Pages
Find some Fruit and Veggie information here
Fruit and Veggie Nutrition Data
Try out Wacky Web Tales
Use Word Hippo to help you find synonyms and add style
Writing Diamante Poems
Publish different type of writing with Read, Write, Think
Grammaropolis - games and videos to learn grammar
Find words that rhyme

Social Studies Connections
Practice you entrepreneur skills we learned in Junior Achievement by playing Lemonade Stand!
Map Skills
Learn about the Continents
Continent Puzzle
Label the Continents
Identify the Continents
Challenging Puzzle

PA History
William Penns life
Learn about the Quakers
Learn about Pennsylvania's Climate.
Climate Charts for Pennsylvania
Specialized maps of Pennsylvania
Google Earth

Tools We Use
Our Class Flikr Account
Ookaboo - pictures for projects
Elizabethtown Google Docs
Google Sketchup

Titanic Resources
National Geographic's amazing resources about the Titanic
This link takes you directly to National Geographic's Titanic videos.
More facts about the Titanic
The History Channel's interactive guide to the Titanic
guide from Discovery about what it was like to be a passenger - this site has more challenging reading

Iditarod Resources
Free videos of the Iditarod to add information to our first anthology story.
An Iditarod Blog for kids
Great video clips from the Discovery Channel
More facts and links about the Iditarod
Scholatic's page about the Iditarod

Just for Fun
Making Snowflakes