Thursday, October 13, 2011

Connecting with Our Classmate

Today was a really fun day in the Bair's Den. We have a classmate who has been sick and out of school for about a week. He's feeling better, but still can't come back to us. Mrs. Bair knows of a teacher in Nevada, Mr. Crosby, who used Skype to have one of his students be part of his class even when she was sick. So today Owen Skyped with us so he could come to school! Check out these pictures of our afternoon:

Miss Coleman had a conference with Owen to help him with predicting.

There were several helpers who made sure Owen could see what was going on.

Owen worked with his groups to identify coordinates of points using latitude and longitude.

It's going to be nice seeing Owen on the computer, but we can't wait until he is back in school with us!

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