Friday, May 25, 2012

Living History Museum

Today the students at Bear Creek got to participate in a very exciting event! We had a living history museum right in our school!

Students from Mrs. Houseal's and Mr. Weber's 6th grade Social Studies classes each picked a famous person from history and created a presentation about the person. But these were no ordinary presentations. Instead of just standing up and talking in front of their class, the students developed a costume or props and a pose for their individual. After preparing for weeks, today was the day they shared their work with the rest of the students at Bear Creek.

As we walked up the steps we saw 6th graders in amazing costumes standing all over the hallway. Each 6th grader had a pose, and they did not talk to us, laugh or do anything unless we put a ticket in their cup. When we put a ticket in the cup, the statues came to life (some of them even scared us!) and did a short presentation for us. Some of them even memorized what they were saying! As soon as they were finished the sixth graders froze and were statues again. As you can see from this slideshow, we were mesmerized!

We were very sad that we could only spend 45 minutes in the museum, but we were very excited that we could get more than 5 tickets. We thought we were going to only get 5 but there were SO many more cool people we wanted to see. The teachers all had extra tickets so we just had to go and ask, and then we could visit other statues.

After we got back from the museum we talked about it. Some of the people in our class can't wait to be in the museum when they get to 6th grade, but other kids did not really want to do it at all because they thought they would get stage fright. We all agreed that we learned a lot and were very impressed by the 6th graders hard work.

Thank you for sharing your projects with us, sixth grade!

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