Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Science Fun!

Today we started really looking at the scientific process we talked about the different parts of the process and got a brief overview of what each part means. They are:

  • Observe ~ look at things all around you
  • Ask Question ~ why? what? 
  • Hypothesis ~ make a prediction to answer your question
  • Plan ~ figure out the steps to an experiment you can do
  • Perform the Experiment
  • Analyze ~ look at the results and see what you've learned
  • Draw Conclusions ~ do the results match the answer you thought you would get? Why or why not?
Over the next few days we're going to be doing several different experiments to practice these steps and get better at using science vocabulary. If your child asks you if they can poke some pencils through a plastic bag filled with water, it's okay. It's the experiment that we're doing tomorrow, and some of the kids were VERY excited to see what the results might be. If you'd prefer they not test this out tonight tell them not to worry - everybody will have a chance tomorrow!

*Update - we didn't get to do our actual experiment today. We all created our hypothesis about what we think will happen when we poke a bag of water with a pencil. We decided to wait until tomorrow so our groups would have more time to brainstorm how exactly we wanted to do our experiments. Check back for pictures of our experiment tomorrow after school! 

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