Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Sand Story

 Our touch pebbles group looked at a picture from the Pueblo Indians  and we had to think how we were supposed to right it so. Enjoy our story.

by Emma and Megan
There once was a man who came back from the war. The mans family had been  killed in the war, so the man had no friends but since the man served the war he could go anywhere! So he chose to go to the village where he saw a girl sitting by herself, she was selling rugs. She told him that she knew him and she knew his family died. She also had the perfect rug for him, he took the rug home and laid it over the floor, the man set down his weapons and his shield and he sat on the rug all of a sudden the rug began to glisten and glow then the door bell rang, answered  it and there was his family. They rejoiced and were as happy as can be, and it was then realized the was a rug made of friendship and love.

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