Thursday, April 2, 2015

Watch the Eagles!

Today we had some time to learn about one of the top predators in Pennsylvania, the bald eagle. In math class we completed a graphing activity, and one of the favorite animal choices was the bald eagle. After we surveyed our friends and made bar graphs, pictographs, and line plots using the results, we had a chance to watch the live eagle nest cam from Codorus State Park.

Did you know the following fun facts:

1. Female eagles are actually bigger than male eagles.
2. The eagles don't actually sit ON the babies, the nestle around them and cover the babies to protect them.
3. The adult eagles don't always feed the baby eagles when they bring food back to the next.
4. The eagles' nest is about as wide as Mrs. Bair is tall! That's over 6 feet.

There are many more amazing facts you can learn about bald eagles by checking out the webpage with the live eagle cam! You can view it by clicking here!

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