Friday, January 29, 2016

Social Studies Presentations

Throughout the month of January, we have been researching and learning about the physical regions of Pennsylvania. The students got to choose which region they would most like to learn about, and then they worked together to get information about the location, physical features, natural resources, and climate of that region. Today, all of that hard work culminated in our presentations, and we would like to share those presentations with you!

Next week we will take those presentations, and we will use them to help us learn about informational writing, main ideas, and compare and contrast as we write essays to compare the different regions.

We hope that you enjoy our presentations!

The Atlantic Coast Plain - you can also view their Show Me Presentation by clicking here!

The Ridge and Valley Region:

Ridge and Valley poster

The Allegheny Plateau:

Allegheny Plateau poster

The Erie Lowland Region:

Erie Lowlands poster

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