Thursday, August 25, 2016

Open House

It was great to see so many of my Bair's Den friends this afternoon at our Open House. I was so excited to meet all of you, and I'm pretty proud of how many names I got right! Don't worry if you couldn't make it - we have many seats left, and we are all ready for everybody to come in and get comfortable.

One job today was to finish the prompt, "I am excited for 4th grade because...." Check out everybody's answers!

I agree with all of those things, and there are even more great things you'll learn about Bear Creek.

Many families asked, "What do we need for Monday?" Honestly, you don't need anything. Our team has all of the supplies you will need. You just have to bring a backpack, your smiling face, a healthy snack since we eat lunch so late, and sneakers since we have Phys Ed the first day of school. What if you want to bring some of your own supplies? Pencils and pencil boxes, special homework folders, and magnetic locker decorations are fine. We ask you not to bring large 3 ring binders or Trapper Keepers because we really don't have enough room for them. If you did get one, it would be a great tool to help your child stay organized at home.

I hope everybody has a wonderful weekend, and I'm looking forward to seeing everybody next week!

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