Monday, November 14, 2011

Social Studies with Miss Coleman

Hello Bair's Den Students!!!

Today we started our new social studies unit on Pennsylvania! I introduced our essential question for the unit: "What makes Pennsylvania a unique part of the United States?" and we had a great discussion about why all of you love living in Pennsylvania and many great things about our state.

We also came up with some great questions to research throughout the unit. One question that our groups asked the most today was "Who Founded Pennsylvania?" What a great and important question! Tomorrow we will learn more about our state's founder, William Penn!

Throughout our unit I would love to see some of your pictures from Pennsylvania. Have you been to the PA Grand Canyon? Do you like to camp in the beautiful the State Forests and mountains in Pennsylvania? What kinds of animals do you see in Pennsylvania?

In the meantime, here are some pictures from our discussion today! Can you tell me what we're looking at?

Thanks for all of your hard work today! I can't wait to talk more about Pennsylvania tomorrow with all of you! See you tomorrow!

-Miss Coleman

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