Thursday, March 29, 2012


Today we did something called StoryBird because we wanted to share all are stories with everybody in the world. Also because we want to here everybody else's ideas. Next because we are in com arts so are teacher wanted us to be able to write are own stories. And because we wanted to try something new. We got the idea from Mrs. Cassidy's 1st grade class.

By Alyssa K. and Elise


  1. Alyssa and Elise,

    I am excited to hear about Storybird. Can you tell me more about it? Can you tell me where I can read your stories?

    I love the pictures of your class working!

  2. Well in story bird you can also pick a back round that you want and they will give you all these pictures that go with that cover of the book. Also you can comment on everybodys stories and say like what was you favorite part. And you can make as many stories as you like.

  3. Thank you for teaching me more about Storybird!

    What is it that you like best about it?
    And can I see your stories? I would really like to read them.