Friday, April 13, 2012

Agriculture Day

We went on a little field trip. We went up to the fair grounds and the high school kids toldmus about animals on farm and recycling. Also we all got to go up into a tractor and got are pictures taken and at that station we learned safety rules to do on a farm. And we went to a cheese station and we go munster cheese it was good. Last we did their we had to name what kinds of cows she held up were.There was also a station that talked about animals the sea. But they mainly talked about fish. They talked about the different parts of it. They had a station on recycling and we played a game. The object of the game was to recycle things but you had to sort them and the things that went in recycling went in a recycling bin and the things that needed thrown in the garbage got throw in the garbage. So all in all it was a good trip an turned out to be good. I hope we go on a field trip like that again.

By Alyssa and Elise

Here's the slideshow of our morning pictures:

And here's the slideshow of our afternoon pictures:

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