Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Holiday Fun!

The week before Christmas we had a great time here in the Bair's Den! The teachers kicked off the fun with an Ugly Sweater / Outfit celebration on Wednesday. They sure did look crazy!

On Thursday, Mrs. Bair's and Miss Conrad's math class started counting the links they earned to create their December chain. Students earned links by correctly answering questions, taking risks, and showing great problem solving skills in class. The final chain stretched almost all the way around the room! As a matter of fact, it was so long we didn't have time to count the entire chain!

After math class, we got together with the rest of 4th grade and some of our 5th grade friend for the Bear Creek Carol Sing. The orchestra, band, and 6th grade chorus lead us as we sang holiday songs, and even the teachers joined in the fun!

Finally on Friday our team had a great time during our holiday parties. You can see all of the fun we had in the slideshow below. We hope everybody had a wonderful break, and we are looking forward to exciting things to come in 2013!

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