Monday, January 14, 2013

Social Studies? Technology? Reading? Writing?

We kid around in our classroom any time we do one subject when we're "supposed" to be doing another. We'll saying things like, "Wait!!! It's social studies time and we're using READING skills???" Or you'll hear something like, "I can't believe we're doing WRITING when it's science!!" While we are funny when we say these things, here in the Bair's Den we realize that in real life you can't do anything without including most, if not all, of the other subjects.

Our PA Regions projects for Social Studies class is a great example of this. We *thought* we were going to be learning about the physical regions of Pennsylvania, but here are all of the things we've actually learned  about so far during this project:

  • climate and weather (science)
  • different types of landforms (social studies & science)
  • natural resources (social studies & science)
  • how to research and pick out important details (reading)
  • how to take notes (writing)
  • how to do a google search that will get you the information you want (technology, comm arts)
  • how to find images that are legal for you to use in your presentation (technology, comm arts)
  • how to use Tagxedo (technology, vocabulary)
  • how to use Vocaroo (technology, speaking)
  • how to create a Google presentation (technology, writing)
  • how to work together as a team (social studies)
Whew! That is quite a list, and we're pretty sure we missed a couple of things. But this project is a really great example of how you just can't "do reading" - when you're reading, you learn better if you have a purpose. And, it's a great way to see what a great job 4th graders can do when they put their minds to it. Check out the pictures below to see us working together on the last few steps of our project, and be sure to check back soon for our slideshows!

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