Saturday, June 1, 2013

Summer Reading

It's hard to believe that the school year is almost over! It seems like just yesterday that everybody showed up at Bear Creek for the first time. Now that summer is almost here, I want to use this week to offer some suggestions about what you can do to help your child over the summer.

First of all, I hope you and your family have the opportunity to go exploring these next few months. Whether it's exploring a far-away place or a park or trail close to home, your child will learn amazing things through these experiences.

Second, I hope that you and your child will read together this summer. So often during the school year, despite our best efforts, your children aren't always able to read books on topics of their interest or they begin to equate reading with filling in bubbles and taking tests. Summer is the time to help your child remember that reading is FUN, and reading is also another way to explore places and learn some pretty cool stuff.

There are many different summer reading lists out there, but my favorite comes from James Patterson, yes - the James Patterson of adult thriller stories, and his website Read, Kiddo, Read! You can check out his summer reading list here, and you can also look around the website to learn about some other amazing books for kids (and adults) of all reading levels.

If your child is one who likes a little incentive for their work, Barnes and Noble combines their summer reading list that allows your child to earn a free book! You can check out their reading list and how to earn that free book here.

Don't forget - reading is more than picture books and chapter books. Having your child read websites, instruction manuals, the Sunday comics, travel guides... anything!... will help them see how important reading is in our every day lives, and hopefully it will also give them the opportunity to find topics that he or she really loves!

If you are looking for more summer reading ideas, please check out the local libraries in Elizabethtown and Mount Joy or drop me a note and I can help you out.

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