Friday, May 24, 2013

History Comes to Life

Today our class had the exciting opportunity to visit the 6th grade students' Living Museum. The 6th grade students have been working very hard to learn about an important individual from ancient history. Today each student had the opportunity to be an exhibit in a very unique museum.

As we walked up into the main hallway, we saw many different kids dressed in costume and standing perfectly still. We were in groups, and each group had 6 tickets. Our groups walked up to the person and put our ticket in their cup. As soon as we did that they person came back to life and told us all about themselves and what life was like when they were alive.

We liked the living museum for a lot of different reasons. Some of us like the kids' costumes. Ian thought that the props were really cool, especially when the person acted out something with his or her props. Makenna really liked that, unlike a regular museum, these people came to life and you could actually learn all about them by listening to them instead of just looking at them. Several people talked about the interesting facts they learned as they listened. Lydia really liked the costumes, as did many other kids. You can see some of what we experienced in the slideshow below.

Our class was VERY impressed by the 6th graders. It was obvious that they worked very hard to learn their about their people and spent a lot of time perfecting their speeches so they could do it for us today. Congratulations to the 6th graders, and thank you for inviting us to come to your museum!

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