Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer Fun

Boy is it ever hot out there! Even with our crazy weather I hope the heat isn't keeping you glued to your TV or video games! There are still plenty of things that you can do to have some fun.

When it finally cools down, this article from Edutopia contains 6 links to different ideas you can use to have fun outside. I agree that the camera scavenger hunt looks like a really fun idea, Citizen Science always has really interesting projects for which you collect and submit meaningful data, and there are so many trails close to Elizabethtown that it makes many of the exploring projects a simple, low cost activity. Something I didn't see listed but has become one of my favorite things to do is Geocaching. With the development of GPS on Smartphones it is easier than ever to get involved in this treasure hunt, and I'm always excited to find my latest cache. Check out if you want to learn more.

Another popular topic with kids is always FOOD! This next link from Edutopia has a variety of different topics about exploring and growing your own food. There are several farmers' markets in our area (Marietta has one every Sunday morning. Mount Joy also has one each week, but I'm not sure of the day.) where you and your child can meet our local farmers. And even at this late stage in July there are still fruits and veggies you can plant and harvest to enjoy!

I hope your family is able to find some fun activities through these links. If you have any special request, any ideas you'd like to learn more about please let me know and I'll gladly find some links to share!

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