Saturday, August 30, 2014

Learning to be a Team at Bear Creek

Well our first week sure did fly by! We spent a ton of time learning how to open our lockers (almost all of us have it!), learning our way around Bear Creek, getting to know our new friends, and learning about how things work in our classroom.

One of the most important things we started to talk about was being part of a team. We played a game called Name Juggling, and when Mrs. Bair added more than one bean bag, it was very easy to see how our actions affect other people. Even if one person started laughing and being silly, the whole game got messed up! We talked about what that meant about our actions in the classroom. We played some other games to practice being active listeners, and we also did some activities to get to know each other better.

Our favorite activity was 2 Truths and A Lie. Each student had to think of 2 true things about themselves and one lie about themselves. Then the rest of the class had to figure out which one was the lie. We had a LOT of fun hearing about everybody's pets, interests, and favorite foods, and there were some very creative lies to try and trip us up!

On top of all of the activities in our classroom, we did a lot of different stations throughout the school with our team. We learned about bus rules with Mr. Kingsborough, school rules with Dr. Spagnolo, and played a crazy balloon game with the counselors and Mrs. DelMarcelle, the instructional coach. It was a busy and fun week, and you can see pictures from all of these different activities in the slideshow below. The best part, though, was really starting to think about what it means to be a team. Here's what we came up with so far! I'm sure we're going to be great teammates in no time!

Our class decided these were the things good teammates do

And here's our beginning of the year slideshow:

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