Monday, August 25, 2014

Wow! What a First Day!

I can't believe our first day is over - it went so fast! Here in the Bair's Den we spent a TON of time trying to learn our lockers (some of us have mastered it already!), and we did different stations to learn about Bear Creek. We talked about how to get our lunch in the cafeteria, and we got a chance to try out the playground. The music teachers and reading specialist talked to us about clinic time, and we learned that every Day 6 we get to have Free BEAR. That's a fun time where we can pick the activity that we want to do. Some of the choices are a game in the gym, computers, a nature walk, movies, chess club, puzzles, and board games.

After lunch we did one more station to learn about the walking path. Did you know that we can walk from Bear Creek all the way to East High? You can!! We learned the rules for the walking path, and Mrs. Shenk taught us a fun chant to help us remember them. In the picture below we are signing our names to show that we will be safe and have fun on the walking path.

It was an amazing day that flew by! I can't wait to see everything that we can accomplish tomorrow!

Team 4A (Team Kit Kat) signing the walking path

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