Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Two Exciting Days!

It has been two very exciting days in the Bair's Den! Our first days of school have been filled with meeting new friends, getting to know each other, touring the building, and learning about the things we need to do to stay safe and have a great time at Bear Creek.

On the first day of school we spent a LOT of time learning how to do our lockers. And we mean a lot. Some of us thought we would never, ever be able to open our lockers. Then all of the sudden, today we got it! So many of us were cheering because we opened our lockers on the first try! It just goes to show you that when you work hard and keep trying you eventually figure it out.

Today we spent a lot of time learning about all of the different areas in and around the school and what we need to do to stay safe and keep Bear Creek bully free. We got to meet new people in Mrs. Towsen's class, we learned about the appropriate way to act on the bus and the walking path (we even sang a really cool song while we were on the path!), and Dr. Spagnolo shared the most important rules to follow here at Bear Creek. These rules stay with us all the time in our agendas so if any parents or family members would like to learn more you can look for the rules in the first few pages of our agendas. A special thank you to Mrs. Domines and Mrs. Boksan who came in this morning to help our class get through all of our stations.

Tomorrow is another exciting day. We get to spend the entire morning getting into the routine of our class, and then in the afternoon we have more stations. Tomorrow we'll learn about BEAR time, visit the playgrounds and learn a little bit more about the cafeteria.

One important reminder for parents. Fourth grade parent night is TOMORROW NIGHT!! Please come to school at 6:45 to hear about Bear Creek, our PTO and our classroom.

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