Thursday, May 9, 2013

Forces, Motion and Mystery Skypes

This week we've been working on understanding forces and motion. Motion is any movement that changes an object's position or place. A force is a push or a pull that makes motion happen. To get a first hand look at forces and motion in action, we headed out to the playground and made hypotheses about which forces and motions applied to each piece of playground equipment. As we learn more about the different forces and motions, we'll go back to our hypotheses to see if they are correct.

We also had two more Mystery Skypes, one of which was our very first International Mystery Skype! We connected with a class from Alberta, Canada! They go to a school that has students from grades 5 - 12, and there are only 400 students in their school. The kids said they don't have many industries in their area, but they do have lots of farms and ranches. They were also jealous that we were getting out of school, and they had two more hours to go because of the time difference! It was a very exciting experience.

Check out the videos of our last two Skype sessions!

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