Friday, April 26, 2013

Magnets, Making Friends, Long Division and Clouds

Even with taking the PSSAs (HOORAY!! WE'RE FINISHED!!), we have been doing many different things each day to keep us active and learning.

First, we did a review of magnets. After Miss Miller helped us remember all of the things we learned about magnets and their poles, we did an activity to show that opposite charges attract. Then we had a scavenger hunt to determine which objects were magnetic and what properties allow an object to be attracted to a magnet.

In math, we have been working very hard to learn about the concept of long division and the process behind solving problems. One nice day we took our long division outside and solved some problems on the walking path!

We have also had the chance to do two more Mystery Skypes. We Skyped with Mrs. Garyson's class in Virginia. They "taught" us how to do a Mystery Skype by sharing a video of their class doing one. It was very exciting to chat with them and find out that they were in Virginia since Mrs. Bair stopped the video before we knew where they were. We also Skyped with Mrs. Wells's class in Kansas. 

The last fun activity we shared was one led by Mrs. Towsen. We did some cloud observations and learned about the different types of clouds. To help us remember, Mrs. Towsen and Miss Miller taught us a song!

As you can see, even though we were taking tests the learning and fun didn't stop. We can't wait to have more fun the rest of the year.

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