Monday, February 2, 2015

Catching Up - School Spirit

Nobody can claim that Team 4A doesn't have school spirit. Most recently we won the PTO's box top contest for January. During a month long contest kids from all for classes on our team brought in box tops. We were so excited to try and win the Super Bowl party that we brought in 1,260 box tops!! How amazing is that? For our enthusiasm we were rewarded with a Super Bowl Party on Friday, January 30. We each got a plate of cheesy nachos, some cookies, and a drink. We got to spend some time hanging out with our friends watching Air Bud. It was a great afternoon, and we are very proud of ourselves for the good work we did for our school.

We are not just about box tops, though. Team 4A goes all out on school spirit days, too! Check out the fun we all had on 80s Day!

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