Monday, February 2, 2015

Wait - You Need to Read to Play Hockey

Sometimes we have a hard time understanding how grown-ups use different skills in their real lives. We often think that we're just learning about things because we need to know them for "the test" - GASP!!! But last week we found out that is not the case.

We talk a lot about how our parents use math and reading in their real lives, but on January 22, Connor Carrick, a Hershey Bears defenseman, was here at Bear Creek to tell us that even hockey players have a lot to read. They have many plays that they need to learn, there are schedules to follow, and there are events that they have to go to that require them to read speeches or different books.

Connor did a great job reading the book Snowflake Bentley to us, and he answered many of our questions about his life and playing hockey. While we still know that some of what we learn is for the test, this reminded us that even playing professional sports means you have to know how to read!

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