Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The State Capitol

On Friday, February 6 we had the chance to visit Pennsylvania's state capitol and state museum. The students of the Bair's Den did an amazing job representing themselves and Elizabethtown, and we learned a lot along the way!

We started in the newly updated Welcome Center at the state capitol building. The kids got to try their hand at voting on a bill, played games to identify many different facts about the state, learned more about the capitol complex, and had the chance to learn about the people and facts that make Pennsylvania unique.

Then we moved on to our tour of the capitol. After an introduction in the beautiful rotunda, we had the opportunity to visit the Senate, the State Supreme Court, and the House of Representatives. We were all very impressed with the beautiful artwork that represents Pennsylvania, and we all wished we could get our hands on some of the gold. Did you know that it would be impossible to build our state capitol today because it is priceless?

After lunch in the capitol, we walked over to the museum. We had the chance to see beautiful artwork by Pennsylvania artists that was put on display for Governor Wolf's inauguration. There were historical villages, cars, and artifacts to see. And we all loved the third floor where we got to see the amazing animals of Pennsylvania!

Pennsylvania is definitely a fantastic state, and we are lucky that we live close enough that we have the opportunity to visit our state capitol and see the information we've learned in action.

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