Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Exploring Water Systems - Part 2

Today we took the next steps in the scientific process to see what we actually learned about the water systems here at Bear Creek. To help the kids work through the more challenging parts of the scientific process, Analyzing Data and Drawing Conclusions, they had the following questions to answer:

Each group was given an iPad different than the one they took pictures with yesterday. The kids had to work together to analyze the data collected by the other group and also think about the observations they made while we were on our walk. We took notes using the Notes app on each iPad. The groups worked really hard to answer the questions and record all that they saw yesterday.

Tomorrow we will finish our tasks from today and *hopefully* each group will get their results published here on the class blog! We should all have our results published by Thursday so definitely check back to see what we learned from our experience!

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