Friday, November 16, 2012

Our Lentic and Lotic Field Trip

     Bear Creek is a safe environment. There is clean water and Bear Creek normally has lentic waters but in one section there was lotic water. we saw mini waterfalls. We saw the water move because of the wind. It has tons of wildlife. We also saw ducks diving for fish in the pond. We saw the great blue heron standing on algae. We also saw places for animals too live during the Winter. Our hypothesis was correct, there are lentic and lotic water systems at Bear Creek. I think when the wind is active its lotic, but when its not active it lentic.

     We learned many things about nature and how some waters are lentic and lotic. The water is healthy because, animals and fish live in them.
     When we did this we went into the habitats of many animals on school property.

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