Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Sad Day

Today we had a sad day - we had to say goodbye to Angel because she and her family are moving. We will miss Angel very much, and we know that it can be a little bit scary to start at a new school. So to help her get off to a great start we sent her on her way with a Compliments Car Wash. Angel walked between two lines, and each student complimented her on something positive she added to her classroom. I don't think Angel is going to have any trouble making new friends because almost everybody said she was a good friend who followed the Code of Conduct.

After we had our car wash, we got one last picture of The Bair's Den with Angel. Angel, even though you are moving away, you will always be part of our family! We will miss you!

The Bair's Den

Our silliest faces

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