Monday, November 12, 2012

Our Mini Field Trip

In Science we are starting our unit on water, and the first thing we're learning about are different types of water systems. Today we learned the words lentic and lotic. A lentic system is a still water system, while a lotic system is a flowing water system.

As Mrs. Bair was introducing the vocab words, people in our class started to share lots of ideas and questions. Soon she started to write down everything we were saying on the board. When she stopped, we realized that we were actually using the Scientific Process!!

Here's what we talked about and shared:

My mom told me the Chesapeake Bay flows into the ocean.
I’ve seen the water flowing under the bridge.
I could see the water flowing under the bridge when I was walking home when it was raining the one day.
I could see the water coming from the side of the creek.
On nature walk I think I saw two lentic water systems.

Can lentic and lotic water combine?
What happens if lentic and lotic water mixes?

I think we have lentic and lotic water systems here at Bear Creek.

Mrs. Bair told us that we were going to go outside and collection some data. We collected our data using the iPads! We took pictures, and Lydia had a great idea! She told us to use the notes to write down everything that we saw and noticed. Even though we were right next to our school, it was a REALLY exciting field trip. We even got to see the great blue heron!

Tomorrow we're going to analyze the data to see what we found. We think we already know that we've proved our hypothesis, but we have to make sure. We also think we've drawn some conclusions about how good the water system is here at Bear Creek! We will be sure to share our pictures and tell you all about the rest of the process tomorrow!

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