Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dear Patricia Polacco

Dear Patricia Polacco,

This week our class read your story The Junkyard Wonders. We all really liked your story, even though it was very sad at one part, and we really learned a lot of lessons that will help us. We did a chalk talk, but we used markers instead of chalk, to think about what we learned while we listened to your story. Mrs. Bair took pictures of everything we wrote so you could see our ideas.

We wanted to say thank you because your story really helped us understand to believe in ourselves and know that anything is possible. We are all going to try our best to take what we learned reading The Junkyard Wonders and remember it every single day.

Thank you for being a great author.

Mrs. Bair's Class

PS - We have a nickname, too. Your class was the Junkyard, and we are The Bairs Den!

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