Sunday, February 24, 2013


We are pleased to present our first wetlands podcast for your enjoyment and learning!

Team Bob would like to share this important information with you:

Be on the lookout for more exciting podcasts coming in the next few days!


  1. Lots of great information. We have a river little creek that runs through the back of our school. I will be sharing this with my students in an effort to promote interest in the wetlands around them. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Way to go Team Bob!

    I loved the quality of your information.

    When you listen to your podcast, tell me:

    What do you like best?
    What would you do differently next time?
    What would you recommend to the next team doing a podcast?


  3. When it said that it filters the water.

    We will tell what we are talking about.

    Don't fool around.
    Thank you,
    What would you do if you were doing a podcast?