Thursday, February 7, 2013

Western Day & Class Meeting

As part of our continuing celebration of National Counselor Week, we had our Western Day today! Check out our friends showing off their school spirit!

We also joined with Mrs. Towsen's class to have a class meeting today. We watched this movie about the Sports Illustrated Kids of the Year:

After watching the video, we spent a lot of time talking together about the lessons we learned from Connor and Cayden. These were some of the themes we talked about in conjunction to the things we saw in the movie:

  • giving 100% effort no matter way
  • teamwork
  • supporting each other
  • trust
  • walking away from us when people say negative things
  • stopping and thinking before we say something
  • spreading rumors
Please ask your child to tell you more about Connor and Cayden and how we hope to be a good friend like Connor every day.

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