Saturday, April 13, 2013

International Skype

As you've probably already read we did our first Mystery Skype, and we have several more coming up in the next few weeks. While these sessions usually involve classes in the United States, one of our Mystery Skypes will be with a class from a different country!

Our class realized that we couldn't have skyped with other classes at the beginning of the year because we didn't have enough background knowledge so we knew if we wanted to be successful at our International Mystery Skype, we needed to learn some more about the country we'd be Skyping to -- and that country is Canada!!

Luckily Mrs. Bair has a friend named Peter, and he was willing to Skype with us, teach us about Canada, and answer our questions! We learned a lot about Canada: it's provinces, how big it is, the climate, the industries, the animals that live there, their silly money... and we still have more questions to ask him! We know we are prepared for our Mystery Skype with our friends wherever they happen to live in Canada, and we're looking forward to learning even more about Canada from our new friends.

Check out the pictures of our Skype session!

Listening as Peter talks about the different provinces

Jordyn asking a great question about the industries in Canada

What kinds of landforms do you have?

Everything we learned so far

Curious kids with lots of questions

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