Thursday, April 18, 2013

More Mystery Skypes and Bright Lights!

This week we had the opportunity to do two more Mystery Skypes! Our first one was with Mrs. Grayson's class. We were very excited to do our session with them because we watched a video of their class to learn how to do our Mystery Skypes! Since Mrs. Bair stopped the video before the other team guessed, we didn't know where they were. We ended up learning that their class is in Virginia. They go to a private school so they wear uniforms, and their classroom doesn't have windows!! Our media team did a great job, and we'll have some pictures of this Skype up soon.

Then on Tuesday, we did a Skype with Mrs. Raie's class. This was their very first time Skyping, and we also had the change to help Mrs. Towsen's class do their first Skype, too! There were a lot of kids in the room so it was a little crazy, and this Mystery Skype ended with a surprise twist. They lived in Pennsylvania, too!! It was a lot of fun and they kind of tricked us.

Here are the pictures from that event!

Today we also had a lot of fun in science class. Yesterday we learned about all different kinds of energy, and today we focused specifically on electrical energy. Mrs. Bair, Mrs. Towsen and Miss Miller gave us a battery, some wires and a light bulb, and we had to make the lights turn on!

After our groups did that, we paired two groups today and got a challenge. First we had to use one battery to make two bulbs light. Then, we had to see what happened when we took one bulb out. For some of us the other bulb stayed lit, and for other groups the second light went out. We learned that we had all made series and parallel circuit. It was a lot of fun discovering the different ways to connect the lights, and now we understand why when one Christmas light goes out, they ALL go out!! :)

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