Monday, September 5, 2011

Are You Ready??

I can't believe that our first day of school is finally here. We will be doing many different team building activities, we'll be taking a tour, we'll be learning how to use the Smartboard, we will be meeting Dr. Spagnolo and Mr. Kingsborough, we'll practice using our lockers, and we'll be posting to our website and tweeting.

That seems like a lot to do, and it is! We may not get finished with everything on that list, but the most important thing we're going to do is get to know each other and start working as a team.

Do you have a special first day of school outfit you got just for tomorrow? I do! Just remember that we have Phys. Ed. tomorrow so you need to remember to wear your sneakers.

Miss Coleman and I hope you're as excited as we are. We can't wait to see you bright and early tomorrow morning!

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