Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Developing Our Classroom Climate

This week we have been working very hard to make sure that each child in The Bair's Den is doing their job so our classroom is a place where everybody can learn. So far we have learned about three different Daily 5 activities and what each one looks like. It's very important for the students to be able to work independently on these activities so that the adults in the room can work with small groups and individual students to develop their reading and writing skills.

Here are the guidelines that we have learned so far and practiced to do these three activities:

You'll notice that none of the three require any special materials so you and your child could easily do them at home. Have your child explain each one and show you how they are done! This extra practice will ensure that everybody in our room is working appropriately so all children have the same opportunity to receive individual or small group attention from the adults.


  1. Our class is just starting to use some of the Daily 5 philosophies in our day. We are excited to have our stamina built up to 16 minutes. What is your favorite part of Daily 5?

  2. My favorite part is reading to someone because I get share my books with other people. Alyssa K.

    My favorite part is reading to self because I like reading interesting books. Seth

    My favorite part is read to self because I like to read a lot. Brianna