Thursday, September 22, 2011

Blogging and Commenting

The last two days we have talked a great deal about how to write blog posts and comments so that we can make connections with new friends in other schools.

Yesterday our class learned that blog posts:
1. Should not contain personal information
2. Should have good details so people understand what we're saying
3. Should show our best spelling, grammar and formal English (not chat / text writing)

It will take us some time to get up to speed, but you can already see how our posts are starting to change by clicking these links:

The Bair's Den AM Class
The Bair's Den PM Class

Today we learned the 3Cs of Writing Comments:
1. Should compliment and be positive - we tell others what they are doing well or what we like
2. Should clarify - we ask questions to learn more about the post or the blogger
3. Should connect - we share how we have something in common with the blogger

By following these 3Cs we'll be able to develop virtual friendships all over the world, and we can also start building a foundation of good digital citizenship that will follow us as we go through schooling and our adult lives.

We would love to have you comment on our posts so we can make more connections with you!

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  1. I love the three C's...I can't wait to start the kids blogging. Still working on our daily5 stamina...then on to blogging!