Friday, September 30, 2011

Our School Tour by 2

Hello we are Alyssa Lexi Josh Seth Sarena and we want to welcome you to Bear Creek.Also these are some of the inportant pictures of Bear Creek.So we hope you enjoy the pictures.These are the most awesomest parts about Bear Creek.We hope you like Bear Creek.

feel free to write comments hope you like the pictures.thanks!


  1. Your pictures of your school look great! I Is that your principal in the fifth picture? Is that your classroom in the first picture, or is it your school computer lab? Maybe if you had time, you could add some captions to explain the pictures a little bit more. Thank you for sharing pictures of your school!

  2. Hi group 2,we are group 3!We really like your pictures.But what a long name.We are just kidding.We like to joke around.But it sort of confused us because you did not put any commas in between your names.

  3. No that is not our principal.That is our computer teacher.Alyssa Seth Josh Sarena Lexi.

  4. Hi. I'm Cole from Cornelia Elementary.
    I like how you put the pictures of your school on the post. I made a post of our bathroom sinks on our classroom blog. You should comment on it. Is your gym big?


    Cole. :)